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Hey I have your Dell Video Foxconn LS-36 thing. See EBAY AUCTION. Item number: 260529503434 Smile Thanks and let me know if it is what your looking for.....

...to make sure it has the two PCI Video slots for dual SLI and 4 RAM slots (though I only use 2). So I need a Foxconn LS-36 with the above slots. Any leads or are there other brands or models that will due? My main worry is not to wipe...
27/12/2009  |  (Forums)

...for the Dimension 4300s is the FoxConn LS-36. Socket 478. The one mounted...I recently found on eBay two FoxConn LS-36 socket 478 mobos. Sweet. I...factory labeled as the (Dell) FoxConn LS-36. They are both also revision...
29/07/2010  |  (Forums)

The motherboard, although made by Foxconn is a custom Dell model, not directly equivalent to any commercial (Retail) Foxconn board. I did a google for XPS 600 motherboards and didn't come up with anything other that posts from others looking for them too.

Hi Martin I just got a Dell Foxconn Ls-36 to upgrad my sys while looking for drivers I came across your situation. If you still need this board talk to me you will find...

I have a Gx260 with the Foxconn LS-36 Rev A02 mobo. Im looking to upgrade the system cheaply..i.e new P4 and 2GB RAM... Â I notice the the LS-36 mobo is identical to the GX270, which can take CPU's...
20/12/2006  |  (Forums)

I am looking for a Foxconn LS-36 Motherboard in working condition. Anyone out there that can help. Thanks.
30/03/2010  |  (Forums)

hello martin i have 2 foxtronn ls 36 motherboards and one of them is the one ur after but it also comes with cpu and heat sink if ur still in need of one let me know.... all the best

...few years old, but looking to upgrade either to Pentium D 9XX chip or Pentium Extreme Edition 960. MB Foxconn LS-36, A00, Dell 0GC375 Currently have Pentium 4 640 3.2G chip. I bought and tried to install...
19/02/2008  |  (Forums)

Thanks, doesn't seem to be any up for sale on eBay at the moment and having a hard time finding else where.

Good Luck finding these as they were a very poor quality board. We have had to replace several at work and my own personal xps600 was faulty as well. Seems the caps would fail premauturely and cause all sorts of problems. I think you may have to go to e-bay to find a reseller.

Dell uses Foxcon motherboards in many systems but all that I've seen are Dell custom OEM boards and not exactly like the "retail" Foxcon motheboards. And, in many Dell's, the front panel connector to the motherboard is a custom Dell connector and is undocumented.

Yes, I am still interested in a motherboard! I have not had any luck finding one or they were a different manufacturer I didn't trust and over $500 when available at all. How much would you be asking for the one? Thanks, Martin

You may or may not reacquire your raid setup with the new board. Raid 0is touchy and can be very finicky and that is one reason they are not very reliable. And you cannot use any other board but a xps600 board or you will defiantly lose the array.

GX260: Fastest is 3.06GHz P4 w/ 533MHz FSB 2GB PC2100 is the max. 2x1GB Â GX260: Intel 845 GX270: Intel 865 Â Not identical

I put a an OCZ Modstream 520 in a 620 without much issue. Biggest problem was the power connections to the hard drives sticking out to far to close the case well.

You can probably fit it The screw positions are nonstandard but that's only like 1 or 2 positions the top portion should fit

Thanks...that gets me over one hurdle with upgrading the video card (Keep in mind that this PC is a P4 HT and not a duo core processor). Second hurdle, I see a lot of information about the power supply, and that it's not a generic power supply?

Thanks Hydralisk....I've found information on the power supply that says the one off-set screw at the top left is for power supplies that have a fan on top of the power supply so that you install it facing down for airflow, and not up where the case is blocking the airflow.

There is one PCI Express X16 slot in the GX620.

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